Trouble in Larchwood, Part II

Dramatis Personae: Gil, Keluak, Keth, Tasklar
Source: “Alarums and Excursions” (Princes of the Apocalypse)

The Necromancer’s Cave, continued
Upon returning to Larchwood from their foray to Lance Rock, the PCs discovered that Gil’s cousin, Tasklar, had wandered into town. And there was much rejoicing. Except from Keluak, who didn’t appreciate being the butt of the bard’s numerous jokes.

Reunion complete, the PCs gave Kaylessa the down-low: There was no plague as such down by Lance Rock, but there was a necromancer. They just needed to rest up for the night and then they’d go back and close the case. Permanently.

In the night, Keth experienced his nightmare with the skull again.

In the morning, Calla refused to come out of her room, so the boys took Tasklar along instead. They headed back to Lance Rock and fought their way through more zombies, including one that had until recently been a little farm girl. That made them really mad. They chased that crazy necromancer all the way into his lair, where they found a grotesque stand made of hacked-off arms holding a glowing orb with a creepy eye inside it. The necromancer leaped out from a niche hidden behind a curtain and screamed “Do you see the eye?!” as he shot magical force missiles at them from his wand. The PCs gritted their teeth and stepped forward and the necromancer was no more, vanishing in a puff of black smoke.

They took his wand and what little treasure he had beside. The orb, despite the eye having faded with the death of the necromancer, was maneuvered into a bag. They then spent an hour or two cleansing the cave, including burning all the bodies and miscellaneous parts they could find.

Back in Larchwood, they gave the orb to Kaylessa in hopes that she might know something about it. She seemed a bit miffed about that but took it off them anyway. That night, the PCs were wined and dined at the tavern by grateful townsfolk … until a slight tremor shook the town. People started to freak out a bit. Some town elders insisted that everyone stay calm and that they would deal with it. Some of them, looking a bit worried, hurried out of the tavern. Suspicious, the PCs followed them down the road to Waelvur’s Wagonworks. Barging in on the elders, the PCs attempted to ascertain what was going on. The elders were having none of it, though. While they were grateful that the PCs had helped out the town with various external threats, this was private town business and they weren’t welcome here. To reinforce the point, some of Waelvur’s wainwrights brandished their tools menacingly.

Recognizing the lead elder as Elak Dornen, owner of the marble quarry down the road, the PCs decided to take a peek at his place while no one was around. Fetching some meat and some pepper from the inn, they distracted Dornen’s guard dogs for long enough to get a good look around his quarry and through the windows of his office. They found nothing out of the ordinary, though. They remembered that there was another quarry at the north end of town and wandered up there. They disturbed the owner, a pot-bellied whirlwind of a woman named Albaeri Mellikho, who politely but firmly told them to come back in the morning.

Bloody Treasure
In the morning, Albaeri came to them and kindly told them about a treasure rumored to be hidden away in a place called Tricklerock Cave up in the hills. The PCs suspected a trap but decided to look into it anyway. The cave turned out to be a bit of a red herring, with nothing but some stirges and a hungry ghoul hiding in a pool. No treasure at all. Unless you consider an old boot treasure.


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