male high elf eldritch knight 8
An eloquent and sophisticated dandy, Berrian believes it is his duty to protect those who are beneath him (read: everyone who isn’t a high elf). Although he is generally an honor-bound and honest sort, he hides a scandalous secret: he once had a drow lover. Fearing exposure, he used the excuse of searching for his family’s long-lost ancestral moonblade to escape the stifling atmosphere of the high court. Unfortunately, his younger sister, Bhára, blackmailed him into taking her with him.
Age 115  Height 6′ 0″ (1.83 m)  Weight 140 lbs (64 kg)


male half-orc totem barbarian (bear) 6 / rogue 2
The last of his tribe, Karth is a wanderer, still a little rough around the edges despite his friend Gil’s best efforts to civilize him. He knows all too well that money and manners won’t save him from a hungry owlbear. He knows, too, that one day he will get revenge on the soldiers who slaughtered his fellow tribesmen. Until that day, he channels his anger. It makes him stronger. Invincible. He is Karth! Hear him roar!
Age 22  Height 6′ 6″ (1.98 m)  Weight 200 lbs (91 kg)



male human lore bard 8
An eternal optimist, Tasklar believes that the world needs new ideas and bold action (read: he gets bored easily and causes trouble). He is quick-witted and loyal; and while Karth may worry about his ability to survive in the wilderness, this young bard is tougher than he looks (which is saying a lot, considering he’s lost the same eye twice).
Age 21  Height 6′ 0″ (1.83 m)  Weight 162 lbs (83 kg)






female high elf storm sorcerer 8
Bhára was a precocious young elf maiden who’d blackmailed her older brother, Berrian, into letting her accompany him on his adventures. She was tired of being treated like a baby. And she wanted more freedom to see her lover, Galindan, of rival House Galanodel. She went on many exciting adventures until meeting her end in the Temple of Eternal Flame, the lair of the fire cultists who had slaughtered Karth’s tribe.
Status: Deceased.

female human red dragon sorcerer 5
Calla was a childhood friend of Gil’s and a former lover of Keth’s. She had red dragon blood flowing through her veins, a fact that was exacerbated when her mentor, Kaylessa, attempted to give her a blessing from Bahamut, the god of good dragons. She disappeared for a long time, only to turn up as a member of the fire cult in the Temple of Eternal Flame.
Status: Gone to the dark side.

male human arcane trickster 8
Gil was a confident young bloke who used to con people out of their coin purses. No, really, he was a swell guy! Way more handsome than his cousin, Tasklar, as well. Don’t listen to that phony’s stories about how Gil ended up a con artist folk hero because he wasn’t good enough to make it into bard school. Gil ended up the prisoner of a vile mind flayer and its doppelganger minions, who tortured him and broke his mind.
Status: Brain damaged.

male mountain dwarf half-orc champion 5
Keluak was a dwarf fighter in self-imposed exile. He spent some time in a mercenary corps alongside Calla, before meeting up with the other heroes and going on many adventures with them. After he was slain by an vengeful revenant, his friends had him reincarnated, and he found himself in the body of a half-orc. Unable to endure the shame, he took on a new persona as that of Sorrel. He was killed again by the air cultists of Feathergale Spire, who cut off his head and sent it to his companions as a warning.
Status: Deceased.

male half-orc halfling life cleric 5 / paladin 1
Keth began life as a half-orc. The last of his tribe, he had grown up with Gil and Tasklar. He was once Calla’s lover as well. He’d found religion in the Old Faith and ended up becoming a cleric of Freya, goddess of love and leader of the Valkyries. After tangling with the air cultists of Feathergale Spire, he was killed and then reincarnated in a halfling’s body. Like Keluak, he took the opportunity to assume a new identity as Saul. After Berrian shunted everyone into an alternate reality, Saul was replaced by Karth.
Status: No longer exists.