Horde of the Goblin Lord, Part II

Dramatis Personae: Keth, Sorrel, Tasklar (and Elia)
Source: “DDEX3-10 Quelling the Horde”

Down the Rabbit Hole Again
A few hours later, the adventurers felt rested enough to head back down the miles-long passage into the Underdark. At the T-junction at its end, they found that the narrow tunnels to the left and right had been blocked up by crude wooden barricades. It looked as if the goblins had torn down some of their hovels.

The adventurers split up and assaulted both barricades at once, drawing fire from the goblins hiding behind them. To the left, Elia poured burning oil on the wood and then Keth used his tinderbox to light it on fire. To the right, Tasklar lit up the goblins with faerie fire while Sorrel used brute strength to batter down the barricade. Both of the illuminated goblins died quickly, while the two behind the burning barricade went running off up the tunnel, hollering.

Our protagonists decided to let them go and pressed on down the right-hand tunnel, past the side passage they knew led to the fungal garden in the first main cavern. More than five hundred feet later, they came around to the south side of the cavern in which the goblins had set up their shanty town. Here was another, larger barricade, manned by four goblins. As Tasklar sniped at them with his blasts of eldritch energy, Keth charged the barricade with his shield and actually managed to smash right through it. The goblins on the other side were swiftly cut down.

As they made their way through the maze of hovels towards a large central hall in the middle, no goblins came out to harass them. The hall was shut, but a rope leading into one of the hovels was tied to the doors. They could hear grunting and snorting coming from within, and as they neared the hall, the rope was pulled, yanking open the hall doors and releasing two very angry giant boars! The animals charged the heroes and a fierce melee was joined. A few brave goblins took potshots at the heroes from the relative safety of their hovels at the same time. Ultimately, though, the boars were reduced to little more than large piles of bacon waiting to be cooked.

Rather than go hovel to hovel, our protagonists pressed on to the north, towards a large, ascending tunnel that they surmised led around to the goblin lord’s lair from the other direction from the cliff face. However, as they came out into the clear, a pair of goblins herded several suits of animated dwarven plate armor into their way.

Sorrel’s dwarven spirit was incensed! How dare they! Such sacrilege! He charged, aiming for the goblins. They were sneaky, though, and were able to interpose the suits of armor between themselves and their would-be attackers. Keth moved into the middle of the melee and summoned his guardian spirits, but he was soon hit hard enough that he lost concentration and began fighting defensively in order to defend his friends and stay alive.

A few of the goblins in the hovels fired arrows at Tasklar, who’d remained behind so he could attack the suits of armor at range. This prompted him to move into melee range, which proved to be a worse mistake, as he was quickly pummelled into the ground by the hammers the suits of armor were wielding. Elia managed to kill the goblins and then rushed to tend Tasklar, while the half-orcs attended to the suits of armor.

As the dust cleared, Keth scooped up Tasklar and the group beat a hasty retreat back through the goblin village and out through the tunnels to the surface again. Somewhere along the way, however, they lost Elia. They decided they couldn’t go back and search for her right away, so with heavy hearts they returned to their camp from earlier in the day and took a long and much-needed rest overnight.

The Kiss of Death
In the morning, they descended into the Underdark once more, only to find the caverns deserted! As they explored the place, our protagonists eventually found themselves back at the goblin lord’s blockhouse. Inside, they found a different fiend waiting for them! This one looked fairly human, except he had large, leather bat wings. Elia was with him, wearing very little and engaging in a bit of heavy petting with the fiend.

The creature looked gleeful as he informed the adventurers that they were too late! The goblins had cleared out, taking their prisoners with them! He had remained behind to let them know that his friend, Lord Agrak, sent his greetings. The fiend then pulled Elia close and gave her a big, passionate kiss. Her eyes grew wide and her skin went extremely pale and then she collapsed onto the ground, dead.

As Elia’s friends began to attack the fiend in their fury, he just shrugged and faded away, his laughter ringing in their ears. Keth rushed over to Elia and prayed fervently to Freya to revive his friend and protégé. He offered up some diamonds in payment, and as they vanished in a swirl of magic, Elia sucked in a deep breath and opened her eyes again! Keth had miraculously restored her to life!

Feeling somewhat deflated by their failure to slay Lord Agrak or rescue his hostages, the Arcrus family (who were most likely now doomed to a life of misery as slaves in the Underdark), our protagonists headed back to the Stop, where they reported back to Glenna the dwarven innkeeper. She was disappointed that they’d been unable to permanently stop the goblins’ depredations, but she thanked them for at least driving them out of the area. She was also saddened by the loss of so much innocent life, but still gave them their payment of 500 silver.

In the days that followed, Keth discovered that Elia was not her old self. Just as he and Keluak-cum-Sorrel had experienced, Elia had lost a bit of herself in the process of being brought back from the dead. The most obvious manifestation of this came upon their return to Larchwood, where Elia’s secret crush on Gil quickly blossomed into a serious infatuation. She seemed determined to make him hers no matter what the cost.


Horde of the Goblin Lord, Part I

Dramatis Personae: Keth, Sorrel, Tasklar (and Elia)
Source: “DDEX3-10 Quelling the Horde”

The Stop
As autumn progressed towards winter, Sorrel, Keth, and Keth’s protégé Elia found themselves in the Stop, a one-horse town west of Larchwood. Its tavern, the Plodding Plow, was run by a kindly dwarf woman named Glenna Moonsmith. As the trio made themselves comfortable at the bar, Glenna pushed some ales in their direction and told them they could have them free of charge if they let her give them a tip.

The PCs readily agreed, so Glenna related what two ranch hands who’d passed through the day before had told her: namely, that they’d been awakened in the night by goblins parading around as knights with crowns on their heads, lighting the place up and killing anything that moved. The ranch hands had fled through the night, not stopping at several neighboring farms that appeared to be under attack as well, before stopping for a rest (and a few drinks) at the Plow.

Glenna cautioned the adventurers that others in town would dismiss the ranch hands’ tale, as they were known to drink a lot, but she insisted that they were sober. She acknowledged that fear makes people exaggerate, though, so it’s possible they didn’t actually see any goblin knights with crowns. She pointed out that the ranched belonged to the Arcruses, a well-liked (and well-heeled) human family, while the neighboring farms belonged to the Lumbuses, a clan of hardworking halflings, and the Callidells, a family of humans who, it was rumored, were into witchcraft.

Goblins with crowns and rumors of witchcraft only excited our protagonists. After draining their drinks, they asked Glenna for directions, let her know a friend of theirs might be along shortly and to let him know where they’d gone, and then hit the trail.

Callidell Homestead
A light drizzle set in as the group approached the Callidells’ farm. Elia went to scout ahead and reported back that there were bodies lying in the farmyard. The group decided to approached stealthily through the wheat field west of the compound. Much to their surprise, the four scarecrows posted around the field animated and moved in to attack! The scarecrows were truly frightening, able to paralyze their prey with a mere glance! Three ganged up on Sorrel while Elia and Keth teamed up against the fourth.

As Sorrel reduced one to a lifeless pile of straw and sackcloth, Tasklar came running up through the wheat and started firing at scarecrows with blasts of eldritch magic. The bard’s arrival helped turn the tide, as the scarecrows were proving to be quite tough to defeat. With the help of Tasklar’s magic, however, all four were soon down.

Free to proceed into the farmyard, the group discovered seven bodies on the ground. All were clearly related (and quite probably inbred as well), and ranged in age from young to old. They looked like they’d been hacked apart while trying to defend themselves with weird knobby clubs wrapped in humanoid skin. [Before the adventurers left the farm, they made sure to burn the clubs.]

The Callidells’ house was burnt to the ground, but one of the outbuildings — a shed by the look of it — was still intact. As was the lock. Elia picked it, and inside our protagonists found a circle engraved on the stone floor, with fat black candles ranged around it. And a set of manacles screwed into the middle of the circle. It would appear that the rumors of witchcraft had been true!

Keth stepped forward and pissed into the middle of the circle. As he did so, he noticed that the piss was quickly sinking beneath some cracks in the stone. With some grumbling about the stink, Tasklar bent down and noticed that part of the stone could be pried up. Underneath, Keth found a wet wooden box containing some gems and jewelry and a nightmarish wooden idol. They smashed the idol to bits but took the other treasure.

They then moved on towards the halfling family’s farm.

Lumbus Farm
An hour later, they trudged into the halfling farm to find it deserted. Except for a goat that stuck its head out of the barn, bleated, then withdrew. The group went to check out the barn and found a small halfling boy hiding behind some hay bales. They coaxed him out with assurances that they were not going to hurt him. He asked them if the rest of his family was all right, so while Elia stayed with him, the others went to check. The rest of his family was not all right.

Their bodies were quickly buried, and the boy was escorted to another halfling family’s farm. Along the way, the boy told them that goblins had burst into the house while everyone was sleeping. He’d climbed out his window and hidden in the barn. He also told them, quite proudly, what he knew about goblins from listening to his uncle’s stories. These ones, he said, were quite unusual, in that some had crowns of spikes on their heads and metal armor on their bodies. Some of them were also riding on monsters, like giant frogs and two-headed dogs! One of them, the leader, had a giant centipede mount, and he could shoot fire out of his fingers!

Our protagonists stayed the night at the other family’s farm and warned them to seek shelter in the Stop until the all-clear could be given. They agreed to take the boy and leave home in the morning. As the new dawn broke, the adventurers said goodbye to the halflings and retraced their steps.

From the Lumbuses’ farm, they headed to the Arcrus ranch, where they discovered a fierce battle had taken place, in which some of the goblins had actually been killed. These ones were like normal goblins, with just piecemeal leather armor and no spiky crowns on their heads. They also surmised that only the ranch hands had been slain in the battle. The Arcruses had all been taken prisoner. Digging through the remains of the Arcruses’ house, they came across a strong box the goblins had overlooked. Inside was some silver jewelry that had melted in the fire, along with a few gems. They took this along with them as they followed the goblins’ tracks south.

Into the Underdark
Another hour’s travel south, our protagonists came upon a narrow cleft in the side of a hill. Lighting up the driftglobe so the two humans could see in the dark, they headed in. After a short distance, the entered a large cavern with several rock formations in it. A narrow passage descended into the dark on the far side. At that moment, two heavily armored goblins riding two-headed dogs moved out from behind the pillars and challenged the adventurers. One of them had a “crown” of spikes sticking out of his head, while the other did not.

The two half-orcs attempted to deceive the goblins into thinking that they were delivering two human prisoners at their leader’s request, but this ultimately failed when they could not even give the name of the goblins’ leader. (It didn’t help when the goblin knight pointed out that his tribe didn’t even normally have any dealings with orcs anyway.) The fight was on!

The adventurers decided the best strategy would be to unseat the knight and his squire from their mounts. While this proved relatively easy for the latter, whose death dog mount was swiftly slain, forcing the squire to retreat behind a rock pillar, the knight was adept at fighting while mounted and was repeatedly able to force his attackers to attack him instead of his dog. Outnumbered, the knight was soon brought low. Neither he nor his squire were shown any mercy. After the battle, Keth and Tasklar used restorative magics on each other, as the death dogs’ mouths had been quite dirty and they were worried about getting sick.

The group noted that both goblins were wearing chain shirts with bits of metal plating bolted on. They also discovered that the knights’ spikes had been hammered into his skull! Crazy goblins!

As the adventurers pressed on, Sorrel soon realized that they were heading into the Underdark! At last they came to a T-intersection. They chose to go right and, after a short distance, found another passage branching off their left into a garden of fungus. Hearing voices coming from beyond the garden, they snuck up amongst the mushrooms and discovered that they could all see into the large cavern as it was dimly lit by phosphorescent fungus. In the middle of the cavern was another goblin knight mounted on a giant toad. Three other goblins were rearranging barrels and ropes to create a course for the toad to navigate.

Being one for bold action, Tasklar charged out of cover, and the others were forced to follow. A savage fight ensued, with Sorrel at one point getting swallowed by the toad only to come bursting out in all his gory glory! One of the goblins managed to make it to a side passage, where he started hollering about intruders, before the group slew him from afar.

Fearing retaliation, the group headed to the north end of the cavern, where they had spied a small stable and corral that they hoped to hide in their long enough for a short rest. Unfortunately, the corral contained two large insectoid creatures that busted the fence down as our protagonists approached. They made a beeline for Sorrel in his heavy armor, and the former dwarf quickly realized that they were facing a pair of rust monsters! Luckily, both half-orcs were wielding magic weapons. Keth, too, felt safe in his new fire-resistant breastplate. Elia and Tasklar kept their distance. It was just poor Sorrel who was forced to deal with the rust. His chainmail will need a bit of repair when he gets back to Larchwood.

Much to their relief, after they’d dealt with the rust monsters, the adventurers were able to hide in the stable shed to catch their breath and bandage their wounds. No one came looking for them. The cowardly goblins appeared to be waiting for the adventurers to come to them!

Over the Wall
As our protagonists emerged from their hiding place and proceeded in the direction the fleeing goblin had taken, they found a wide passage descending towards another large cavern haphazardly filled with small shacks. Thirty feet up the left-hand wall of the passage was a ledge on which a crude battlement had been built. From beyond the battlement came a deep red glow. The wall even had convenient handholds.

The group decided to climb up and investigate the upper cavern. Fortunately, Tasklar’s dragonmark flared up as he approached, and he was able to see that the handholds were a trap! Each of them consisted of a sharp blade cleverly concealed by a layer of rock dust. Best not to climb up that way! Instead, Tasklar turned himself invisible and then scaled the cliff the hard way. Once at the top, he found another sizeable cavern with a chunky blockhouse to the right, an empty stable further along on the left, and two exits to either side at the far end. The blockhouse’s windows and door were shrouded by curtains. Several braziers filled with glowing coals were placed around the cavern.

Tasklar tossed a rope down for his mates but decided not to wait for them and made for the blockhouse. Shoving the curtain aside, he found himself looking at a decadently appointed bachelor pad, in which lounged a giant centipede thing (actually a carrion crawler!) and a tall, six-fingered goblin man with a crown of horns and coal-black skin. Sensing danger, the goblin flung rays of fire at the doorway. One of them struck the invisible Tasklar, who became visible once again as he hit the occupants of the room with a shatter spell.

The fiendish goblin laughed and attempted to charm Tasklar, but the bard shook it off and laughed in return. But then the carrion crawler lunged forward, its flailing tentacle striking the bard and freezing him in place. The goblin then leapt up and slashed at him with his scimitar.

The rest of the group reached the top of the wall just in time to see Tasklar fall backward out of the blockhouse doorway, a cheesy grin frozen on his face. Elia rushed forward and dragged Tasklar’s body back towards the wall. As she did so, he came back to life [rolled a natural 20 on his first death save and then successfully saved against the paralyzation!] with a gasp, just as the carrion crawler and fiendish goblin came dashing out in hot pursuit.

In the ensuing battle, the goblin managed to charm Elia into defending him. After Sorrel was also paralyzed by the crawler’s tentacles, the group focused their fire on it and destroyed it. As its carcass collapsed to the ground, the goblin let out a cry of anguish. He turned on the group in a fury, and they discovered that the had the power to teleport. As Keth summoned up some spiritual falcons to aid him, the goblin teleported up onto the roof of the blockhouse.

Sorrel slapped Elia back to her senses and she turned on the goblin. Sensing that he was losing the battle, the goblin vanished. The group waited a moment, then went into the blockhouse to loot it. They found some treasure, as well as a bottle with some red liquid in it. Keth tossed it to Sorrel, who promptly broke it, spilling the liquid on the ground. [‘Twas an elixir of health.] Keth also found a strange green crystal that, when he picked it up, made him feel uneasy. He decided to keep it, though, so he could show it to Calla or Kaylessa later. He thought maybe they might know what it was.

Tactical Withdrawal
At that point, our protagonists decided it was time to leave. As they descended the wall, several goblins started shooting arrows at them from the relative safety of their shanty town. Keth decided to jump down, rather than expose himself to such fire (having already been hurt quite badly — both physically and in terms of his pride — by goblin arrows earlier). The group then hightailed it back up the passage to the surface, then hunted around the countryside till they found a defensible copse of trees in which to take another short rest.

With the echoes of Tasklar’s restful music still ringing in their ears, our protagonists made ready to descend into the Underdark to face the horde of the goblin lord once again.

Euphoria Horrors

Dramatis Personae: Calla, Keluak, Keth, Tasklar
Source: “Neverlight Grove” (Out of the Abyss)

After their adventures in the swamp, the PCs head back to Larchwood for some much-needed downtime.

During this time, Keth wanders off into the wilderness on his own, getting to know the land. He returns ten days later, looking rather worse for wear and with a fresh scar in the vague shape of a bird burned onto his face. He refuses to talk about his ordeals, saying only that he was on a spiritual journey.

Calla, meanwhile, returns from attending to some personal business and devotes herself to honing her magical skill under the watchful eye of Kaylessa, the proprietor of the Swinging Sword Inn and a fellow sorceress (though she keeps her abilities a secret from most of the rest of the villagers).

Gil goes spelunking with his bat familiar and hones his magical legerdemain skills, while Tasklar goes on a magical mystery tour, picking up a new cantrip and spending a bit of time honing his aim with it (in hopes of compensating for his lost depth perception). [In game terms, Gil pumped his Dex to 18, while Tasklar took the Spell Sniper feat, selecting eldritch blast as his cantrip.]

Keluak, who has become completely besotted with Kaylessa, gladly donates his time and expertise in helping redesign and rebuild the inn’s kitchen so that its chimneys function properly and no longer run the risk of causing fires. He also spends a bit of time improving on his defensive fighting style [by taking the Heavy Armor Master feat].

The Descent
To celebrate the reopening of the kitchen, Kaylessa serves up a fancy meal with roast veges, spiced potatoes, and mutton topped with mushroom cheese sauce. Plenty of wine and ale is passed around, and a good time is had by all.

That evening, after the inn’s other patrons have retired for the night and Kaylessa has also turned in, the PCs find that they have the common room to themselves. As they sit there relaxing, they begin to hear faint music and singing, seemingly emanating from beneath the floor. They decide to take a look in the inn’s cellar, first by sending the driftglobe down. They can’t see anything from the top of the stairs, but they can hear something scuffling around down there, so they figure they’d best “suit up” before going to check it out. Keth also rouses Elia and drags her back to the inn with him.

Down in the inn’s cellar, they find that one of three man-sized wine barrels standing against the far wall is open slightly. And at the other end, there’s a tunnel leading down into the dark, from whence issues the faint music they heard in the inn above. But before they can go investigate, a wine bottle crashes to the floor. As Keluak sends the driftglobe in that direction, a small cloud of spores puffs out and he hears a childlike voice call out in his head, “Please don’t hurt me!”

Out comes a squat little myconid sprout that introduces itself as Stool. It’s lost and wants to go home. The PCs reckon it must have stumbled through the secret passage in back of the wine barrel and gotten stuck in the cellar. After questioning Stool about its home (a wonderful grove full of fungus!) and its parents (what are parents?), they offer to escort it home through the secret tunnel.

After traveling for what feels like forever, they come into a cavern with a bunch of larger myconids dancing an eerily silent dance. A rather uncomfortable-looking drow is dancing with them. Two moldy quaggoth things stand off to one side, while another myconid sprout stands alone, looking somewhat apprehensive.

Stool recognizes the other sprout as its friend, Rumpadump. It takes the PCs over to its friend and introduces them all. Rumpadump is shy and uncommunicative, but the PCs get the sense that it’s feeling anxious about the other mushroom people’s strange behavior. Stool explains that it’s not normal for myconids to dance like that but doesn’t seem as bothered by it as Rumpadump is.

The PCs go over and try to talk to the dancing myconids. Their leader – who introduces itself as Voosbur – welcomes them and offers to let them experience the Lady’s Dream, just like they are. The PCs decline, and a short while later, the myconids – along with the scared-looking drow – disappear into some of the large, inanimate mushrooms around the cover. The PCs are a bit taken aback by this turn of events. They take Rumpadump under their wing, though, and offer to guide it home too.

Neverlight Grove
As the PCs neared the Rumpadump and Stool’s home, they passed through several caverns filled with fungus farms being tended by adult myconids, all of whom urged them on to meet Sovereign Phylo, who had great plans for its people!

Upon entering the grove, they were taken aback by its alien beauty, with its soft, multihued radiance emanating from numerous types of glowing fungi. The scent of rot and decay hangs heavy in the humid air, and the ground is squishy underfoot. Stool and Rumpadump lead them through the “fungal wilds” to a great mound at the base of a cliff. Here the music is a bit louder and seems to be coming from somewhere beyond the plateau at the top of the cliff. Here, also, they meet the grove’s two leaders: Sovereigns Phylo and Basidia. Phylo welcomes them and thanks them for returning their wayward sprouts. It invites them to stay and explore the grove but politely asks that they avoid the plateau for now, as the Circle of Masters is preparing a surprise in the Garden of Welcome. Phylo talks at length about the “Great Seeder” and the wonderful plans “she” has to bring about paradise for the myconids of Neverlight Grove.

As Stool eagerly drags them off to show them around its home, Sovereign Basidia catches them up. It indicates that it has reservations about recent changes in the grove’s social structure. Ever since the coming of the Great Seeder, Phylo has been coming up with all sorts of “progressive” ideas, such as only letting the leaders of the various circles rapport with each other, instead of having the entire community rapport as is traditional.

Basidia proceeds to take over from Stool, guiding the PCs on a tour of the grove, introducing them to the various circle leaders and indicating which ones are on its side, and which ones have been swayed by Phylo’s assurances of a future filled with shiny happy fun times. The PCs are mostly able to tell for themselves which myconids are the mad ones, though. For instance, Calla is able to discern snatches of the Circle of Sporers’ song to the little sproutlings and it is bonkers. Keluak, meanwhile, spends a bit of time answering the Circle of Builders’ questions about “softer” architecture, despite the obvious lack of any need for such structures in the grove.

When they get to the Circle of Hunters, the leader informs them that it has a job for them, if they’re keen. Taking it as a sort of “test”, the PCs readily agree. The job is to “put down” a shambling mound that is ruining part of the wilds and also hunt and kill an otyugh that has claimed part of the wilds for its own.

The PCs find the mound with little trouble, or rather, it finds them. The mass of writhing vines and organic filth lurches up from the ground and envelops Tasklar in one fell swoop. The bard struggles desperately to free himself while his comrades hack away from the outside. Calla quickly discovers that fire is not so good against such a wet mass of organic material, so she switches to using her crossbow (and to great effect!). Tasklar manages to wriggle free before it can crush the life out of him, and together they all chop the mound into little pieces.

Next up is the otyugh, which again surprises the PCs. Two nasty spiked tentacles lash out of a pile of rotting vegetable matter, wrapping around Keth and Elia and slamming them together. Elia is knocked out but Keth continues to struggle, fighting back with every ounce of strength he has as the monster reels him in for a quick chomp. Calla sends bolts of fire into its gaping maw, then sprays fire from her fingertips, while Keluak pounds away at it with his warhammer. Keth manages to free himself and proceeds to drag Elia out of harm’s way, healing her with the power of his faith in Freya.

The monster is soon defeated and its belly searched for treasure. The carcass is then dragged back to Basidia, who emits some spores at it and informs the PCs that after one cycle (which they presume to mean 24 hours) it will rise as a spore servant to help defend the grove. In thanks, Basidia gives them each a hollowed-out mushroom gourd filled with what it claims is a medicinal liquid it has brewed itself (and which would function as a potion of greater healing once drunk) and a single, moldy scroll case containing a scroll of protection from fiends in it. Basidia then asks if the PCs would be willing to investigate the plateau. The sovereign has become increasingly concerned that Phylo has caught some kind of disease. It is also worried because the leader of the Circle of Masters, Yestabrod, hasn’t come to the leaders’ melding in some time.

The Garden of Welcome
Basidia takes the PCs to the southern terraces, where the Circle of Explorers shows them a secret way up onto the plateau. The PCs soon find that Phylo’s Garden of Welcome is something else entirely. The flowers are all humanoid creatures, buried up to their necks in muck, with fungus growing all over them. A female drow is lucid enough to call out a warning that the Demon Queen of Fungi, Zuggtmoy, has come. She asks them to put her out of her misery, which Keth is only too glad to do. He asks for Freya’s blessing in freeing as many of the poor souls as possible.

Just then a horrible monstrosity slithers into view, bearing a closer resemblance to some kind of giant larva than a myconid. It speaks with both its mouth and its spore-borne telepathy, welcoming the PCs to the garden and inviting them to join Zuggtmoy’s wedding. Several of the wretched creatures planted in the garden rise up as spore servants – including the poor drow the PCs saw with the dancing myconids – as three myconids from the Circle of Masters come to the aid of their monstrous leader as it orders an attack.

The ensuing battle is a difficult one, with the monstrous Yestabrod able to cause corpses in the garden to explode. It also proves able to absorb the essence of the trapped creatures in order to heal itself. Calla burns the horrid monsters with fire, while Keth stands back and blesses his comrades in Freya’s name. Keluak hammers away at his enemies, while Tasklar stabs with his rapier. In the end, the PCs are victorious, but at the cost of Elia’s life.

Before the PCs can mourn her loss, however, a procession of fungus creatures wends its way up onto the plateau from the cavern beyond. The procession proceeds into the Garden of Welcome, whereupon two of the creatures move to the front as though they are bride and groom. Meanwhile, some more spore servants sprout from the garden and pick up Yestabrod’s corpse, moving it about as though it were the priest conducting the wedding. At this point, the PCs receive a vision of Zuggtmoy floating in the midst of a tower, while her fungal “bridesmaids” weave her mycelium into a bridal gown and veil.

Once the vision ends, the “wedding” procession heads back down into the far cavern. The PCs feel somewhat compelled to follow. As they enter the mist-shrouded cavern, they catch sight of a colossal mushroom tower – the great Yggmorgus that the Circle of Builders’ leader had mentioned to Keluak earlier. All around it are fungus creatures and spore servants dancing and singing to some strange atonal music. The PCs realize this is the source of the music they’d heard all the way back in the inn. As they approach warily, they catch sight of a drow partially consumed by fungus. Keth quickly puts an end to his misery, but a little while later, they see his reanimated remains emerge from the fungal muck and join the party.

Going Slightly Mad
At this point, the PCs have witnessed about as much as their minds can take, and several of them start to go a bit mad. Tasklar begins to feel like he’s got itchy patches of fungus growing on him that he just can’t stop scratching at, while Keluak suffers from partial amnesia – unable to recall how he got here or who his companions are – and becomes convinced that the way out is through the mushroom tower. Keth, meanwhile, starts babbling incoherently. Calla is the only one who manages to maintain her sanity, but she is powerless to stop her companions from wandering toward the tower. As they enter, they find themselves looking up at the massive form of the Demon Queen of Fungi herself! She appears to be meditating, and her bridesmaids come rushing forward to shoo the PCs way, telling them it isn’t right to see the bride before she’s ready! Keluak brushes past them, adamant that he must ascend the tower. As he comes face-to-face with Zuggtmoy, she opens her eyes. Seeing the intruders, she emits her mind control spores, ordering them to leave at once!

As the PCs trudge back through the mad dancers, the world spins and everything goes dark … and they wake up safe at home in their beds! Except for Keth, who strangely finds himself in Calla’s bed, much to their mutual horror. Was it all just a crazy dream, brought on by the mushroom cheese sauce Kaylessa had served with dinner, which they’d followed up with perhaps one too many ales? Perhaps. Elia is still alive, for one thing, and it turns out there’s no secret passage behind the middle wine barrel in the inn’s cellar. But then what are those gourds with liquid in them doing there? And how come Calla still has that moldy scroll case Basidia gave her? And why is Tasklar still scratching at his imaginary fungal infections?

Gil is gonna be so disappointed he missed out on all that!